Use Cryptocurrency for Online Gaming Fun

A dollar bill has value and form. Anyone receiving that bill knows its value. A check has value, and it’s tangible like a bill. Likewise, the person receiving the check knows the value it represents. When you present a bill and a check to a bank, the bank recognizes its value. In all cases, the value is the most crucial element. The form of a bill or a check is unimportant. Without the familiar form, how is value exchanged between persons or banks?

Digital currencies are objects with value but no physical form. The form is not a factor at all. Like paper money or coins, digital units are instruments of exchange. Big business has begun to recognize the benefits of virtual funds. This will translate into more options for all consumers.

What Are Digital Currencies

There are two kinds of digital currencies. They are:

  • Virtual currency
  • Cryptocurrency

Virtual currencies are units that are limited to a specific application or platform. For example, if you play a mobile game, you earn game coins. These coins only have value within the game and among the players. They cannot use them anywhere else.

On the other hand, you can use cryptocurrency in the real world. You can exchange it using electronic devices – smartphones, tablets, and computers. A person pays a bill by initiating a transfer through a digital network. The network takes the funds from the appropriate wallet, verifies the transaction, and sends the amount to the waiting merchant’s wallet.

What are Ethereum and Ether

Ethereum is a network that manages financial accounts and verifies transactions. The currency of the platform is called Ether. From their cryptocurrency wallet, people can pay for services and transfer money to other networks.

Digital transaction platforms like Ethereum have a few advantages over traditional banks. Each network has different policies, but the benefits they have in common are:

  • Speed

Transactions take minutes. There is no middleman like a bank holding the funds for days before a final transfer.

  • Transparency

Without a middleman, each transaction has one starting point, one endpoint, one date, and one amount.

  • Security

Ethereum and other networks use blockchain technology. This makes all activity irreversible and fraud-resistant.

  • Cost

When fees are required, they are lower than traditional forms of payment.

Where Can Ethereum and Ether Be Used

You can use cryptocurrencies to purchase clothes, travel tickets, hotel accommodation, web hosting, home goods, books, gift cards, and online gaming items and services. Many online stores accept cryptocurrencies like Ether. Cryptocurrencies can be traded among wallet owners to pay for services and products. The capabilities of digital currencies are expanding over time.

How to Use Ethereum With Online Casinos

Ethereum can be used to make bankroll deposits and withdrawals. When making a deposit, simply choose Ethereum as the deposit source. The casino’s own Ether wallet address is displayed, and you just type or copy and paste the address and initiate the action. For withdrawals, indicate the amount and choose Ethereum. The transfer of funds is executed in minutes.

Bitcoin and Ether are two popular cryptocurrencies, but not as many casinos accept Ether as Bitcoin. If a player is not playing within an Ethereum casino, they will have to convert the desired amount from Ether to Bitcoin or fiat currency. Fiat refers to a real-world currency like dollars, pesos, or euros. Fortunately, the conversion is a simple process.

A player chooses a digital exchange platform that deals with both Bitcoin and Ether. Using wallet services, a player can choose to change Ether into fiat currency or Bitcoin. An order is placed to sell units of Ether sufficient to yield the desired amount in the selected currency. Once the transaction is completed, the fiat or crypto funds will appear in the player’s wallet. There are fees when converting Ether to fiat currency.

Going Digital

Coins were created because people needed a method to pay for goods and services. In peoples’ minds, the value was held within the form of the currency. The internet has been a disruptive force influencing how people think about money. It has changed the way people live, work, and trade.