Video Poker Double Up Review

Video Poker Double Up Review

Are you eager to double your earnings? Have you felt the thrill of gambling hasn’t been quite enough for you? Are you looking for a way to increase your earnings? We have a method you could use to ‘double up’ your winnings, and we will be exploring whether it is worth it for you to attempt to multiply the gains this way.

Multiply What?

This method is quite simple. Whenever someone wins a game in video poker, if the casino has a double-up policy, the gambler has the choice to earn double. Five cards are dealt randomly, and one card is revealed. The player has the opportunity to pick one of the cards that are unflipped.

If the card the player chose is higher than the card flipped by the machine, the player doubles his prize. If the player selects a card that is lower than the flipped card, they lose everything. If they draw the same card as the computer, it is usually a ‘push’ or draw. In some casinos, this is considered a loss.  

Fair Money

Is this method a viable option to be used when gambling? Honestly, it depends on a lot of different factors. If you lose when a ‘push’ happens, doubling is not worth it. It puts you at a 5.8% disadvantage to the casino. This is in contrast to the 50/50 odds of the system when a push results in a draw. 

Protect the Bank

Another issue to consider is how much of a safety net you have. In the case of a large bankroll, this is an ideal way to enlarge your stack while not having to risk too much. If you don’t have a large budget, taking the first win is a better option. 

Secure Method

You may wonder if the odds are stacked against you when you decide to use a doubling up feature. There should be no worries. The computer has no bias in favor of the online casino. The same probability and variance apply when dealing regular cards in your typical poker game, as with the double up features.

To Double or Not to Double

This decision is down to personal choice. There is plenty of variance already in all online casino games. However, the 50/50 ratio is an attractive offer for a quick boost to your winnings.

The Final Word

The video poker double up feature can add a whole other dimension to the game. You need to be aware of the risks involved and be sure that it can fit into your usual poker strategy. One thing is for sure; players will still be debating and deciding whether to use this when they play. It can be tempting to double your money, but as always, the reward needs to outweigh the risk. 

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