Video Slots: What are Free Spins?

We all like a bonus, a little something extra, especially when it comes for free. At online casinos, once you’ve opened an account there should be plenty of benefits, whether it’s a deposit match to boost your bankroll, a chance to win cash prizes, or free spins.

Getting something for free can sometimes seem too good to be true, but bonuses can enhance your experience at an online casino. This gives you more time to enjoy your favorite game and a better chance to increase your winnings. Free spins mean more time to play on either a new slot or on a firm favorite.

We’ve got all the information about free spins; the different types of bonuses you can get, how you get them, when to use them, and how to make the most of free spins. 

Video slot free spins

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are free bets; they are spins that you can use for online casino video slots or classic reel slots. Essentially, you get to take a turn on the slot machine without paying money from your account. At online casinos, you’ll see free spins given out as a promotion or as part of a bonus feature of a particular video slot game.

They are a useful feature as they give you a chance to play without using your bankroll, and of course, you can win some extra cash or prizes from your free spins. Depending on what kind of free spin you are using, there might be some requirements attached. We will go through these in the next section.

Bonuses and in particular free spins, are a great way to try out new video slots at online casinos. It is a risk-free way of having fun and the thrill is enhanced because it doesn’t matter if you lose. Using a free spin, you find out how a new game plays, you’ll see how much you can win, and if the free spin goes well, you can take away some cash too. 

Keep in MindVideo slot free spins

There are often terms and conditions attached to promotions from online casinos. Bonuses, such as free spins, are designed to attract new customers, and while they are great things to benefit from, it’s always best to make sure you understand any strings attached. Keep the following things in mind when considering free spin bonuses:

Check the Basic Requirements 

This means knowing whether you need to sign up for an account, send some information, contact customer service via live chat, make a deposit, and so on. In some cases, the deal might seem amazing but might ask something of you that you aren’t prepared to do. Make sure that if you are going to start an account, it is with a trustworthy and reliable online casino.

Check for Wagering Requirements

More often than not, free spin bonuses will have wagering requirements. Read the terms and conditions to see if the requirements seem reasonable when compared to the number of free spins that you are given. For example, you might need to play your winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw them.

When to Use Them 

In this case, you are checking the terms and conditions for an expiry date. It might be okay if your spins run out within 7 days, but you want to know in advance so that you can sign up when you’re in a position to make the most of it.

Where to Use Them

There might also be text in the terms and conditions about where you can use the free spins. Take a look at the game titles on which you can use them. Find out a little bit more about the games. Not only do you want to know whether it’s the kind of game you’d like to play, but you also want to check the RTP (Return To Player) and the volatility, that way you can take advantage of high volatility games.

Where your Winnings Go

There might be a clause in the terms and conditions that dictates what happens to your winnings. It’s much more fun if you can receive free spin bonuses and get to withdraw your winnings, so be wary of any that restrict your access.

How to Get Video Slot Free Spins

We’ve put together an explanation about some of the most common ways you can receive video slot free spins:

Free Spins on Video Slots

As a welcome bonus when you make a deposit, you often receive free spins. In fact, this is one of the most common ways for online casinos to give out free spins. When you deposit the qualifying amount or if you enter a specific promotion code, free spins will be credited to your account. When it comes to deposit bonuses, sometimes you will get your deposit matched, and some free spins or you might just receive free spins.

 A very popular type of free spin offer is one that doesn’t require a deposit. The no deposit free spins bonus comes when you sign up for an account, and an online casino provides you with a reward immediately. Some promotions have no strings attached; others might have wagering requirements after you’ve used your free spins.

Many online casinos like to reward loyal customers. After you’ve received your welcome bonus, free spins are up for grabs. For example, if you play regularly and collect points, you might receive free spins as a reward. Alternatively, some casinos reward you for using your account every week for a month, so you might receive a monthly free spin bonus. In these cases, it is quite common to change the free spins to be for a different slot each time, so that players can explore and enjoy different games.

Free spins can be given out as part of a VIP program, as a tournament prize, or as part of a prize received when playing a particular slot.