What You Need to Know About Playing Video Slots at Mobile Casinos

Video slots have become an incredibly popular part of online casinos. If you’re new to the world of gambling and are unsure of the terminology, we’re here to help with information about what video slots are, why they are popular, and how you can play.

Video slots differ from classic slots in a number of ways. Classic slots resemble the original 3 reel fruit machines; some still use the classic fruit symbols, although these can vary. They generally only have one payline running through the center of the reels. Video slots are typically played over 5 reels or more and have multiple paylines.

The way we access information and entertainment has been changing rapidly in the last few years. Smartphones and devices are commonly used for our every need, from online shopping to research, and of course for entertainment. This has been influential in the growth of mobile casinos. 

Combining the potent force of popular casino video slots with the mobile platform leads to excellent entertainment wherever you go. Here is more information about what is on offer.

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Mobile Video Slots Free Spins vs Real Money

When it comes to finding video slots in a mobile casino, you’ll see two types. One is mobile slots with no deposit or free spins, and the other will require a deposit allowing you to play for real money. Each has advantages, which we’ll set out to help you decide the best way for you to play.

Deposit by Mobile Slots

Browse through the mobile slots on offer, and you’ll find plenty that you can try without a deposit. Playing for free allows you to test out the game to see if you like it and if it looks good and runs well on your mobile. You can get straight in on the action without processing a deposit.

Free spins have a more carefree approach. You don’t need to budget and restrict your gaming, so you can play as much as you want. This is an excellent way to get used to the rules of your chosen video slot game, find out about the bonus features, without spending a penny.

Real Money Video Slots

Making a deposit and playing for real money when you’re choosing a video slot game will give you a wider range of games to select from, as not all titles are made available as free games. When you play with real money, you have the chance to win real money back, so the thrill of lining up the right symbols is enhanced by your bankroll being topped up.

Mobile Slots with No Deposit

Real money players for mobile slots often qualify for loyalty schemes or rewards programs, so the more you play, the more points you will receive, which leads to bonuses and perks later on. As opposed to free games, real money games give you the chance to win more than just your regular winning; you could activate free spins, progressive jackpots, and cash prizes.

Accessing Mobile Casinosvideo slot mobile casino

There are one or two things to take into account when accessing an online casino from your mobile. Most casinos offer this feature is some form or other, but your device needs to be compatible. 

The games need to have been designed to play on mobiles too. That means the software and graphic should be able to transfer to a smaller screen. You might find that the deposit and withdrawal options are slightly different for mobile casinos, so check that there is a method that suits you.

 Mobile Sites

Several casinos opt to go down the mobile website route. This means that you use your browser on your smartphone or device to access the casino as you would do on your desktop. The website should have been optimized or designed for mobile viewing, meaning that everything fits on the screen, and you can scroll easily. 

The advantages of the mobile site route are that you don’t need any storage space on your device, and don’t need data to download. Since browsers exist on all smartphones and tablets, this method is available to a wide range of devices. Once you’re on the site, you can start playing straight away.

The disadvantages are that the optimization for a mobile site doesn’t always produce a flawless result. The games can sometimes lose some of their appeal when it comes to appearance. Accessing a site through a browser means that you will need data or WiFi to play, as there isn’t an offline option.


Other casinos choose to design their own apps. These can be offered on the casino website or through app stores. There can be some difficulties in downloading these apps, as the Google Play store has restrictions on gambling apps in certain countries. Apps are designed with mobile play in mind.

The advantages are that you will receive in-app support. If there is something that you aren’t familiar with, everything you need to help you will be there at your fingertips. Since the apps have been designed specifically for these video slot games, the graphics and overall appearance aren’t compromised, and the result is often better than mobile sites. Free games can be played offline.

The disadvantages include the time it takes to download the app, it requires an internet connection and then a bit more time for set up, which means you can’t play instantly. The app will also take up space on your phone in terms of storage and will require updating from time to time.

Top Mobile Video Slots

Here are some popular video slot games to try on your mobile:

  • Astro Legends – with its unique grid and funky music, this slot is a popular mobile choice. It comes with great bonus features if you’re playing for real money. 
  • Berry Burst – a nod to the classic fruit slot machines, this video slot is fun and looks good, too. 
  • Mega Fortune – You can find this one for free, or play for real money and check out the progressive jackpot. 
  • Starburst – perhaps the most famous video slot game, it is fast-paced and gives you lots of ways to win.